The Italian, Roy Jacuzzi invented the first whirlpool tub in 1956. The Jacuzzi brand saw the light of day that same year, and manufacturers began to launch the first spa models. It is in fact a bathtub that provides relaxation and relaxation thanks to its multifunction system. Today you can find multiple models, ranging from inexpensive to more expensive hot tubs. Also, the choice, the purchase and the installation of a jacuzzi requires careful consideration. Here are some tips to help you make the right choice. The range offered on the market is wide, ranging from a simple 2-seater SPA, to an over-equipped 8 or 9 seater SPA.

Choose an indoor or outdoor jacuzzi?

By choosing to install jacuzzi bathtubs Indoors: fitting out of a special well-being room or refitting the bathroom by integrating a dehumidifier to prevent damage to the walls and the floor. in your home, you will visibly improve the comfort of your daily life.

Outside: landscaping the garden, choosing a location that is preferably sheltered from the elements. There are also gazebos or gazebos dedicated to the spa that can be personalized, according to your wishes.
In the veranda: installation of an opening to evacuate the steam and a non-slip floor that is not afraid of humidity.

Choose a built-in or raised jacuzzi?

You have the choice between different types of installation, but the best would be the semi-recessed installation. This type of installation allows better accessibility, offers a unique design, in addition to being practical for troubleshooting in case of technical problems. Indeed, in the case of a built-in Jacuzzi, the slightest repair must go through the extraction of the device, which is not always easy. Above ground, you must choose a covering that is appropriate for the environment of the spa. Also, to avoid accessibility concerns, consider steps all around.