Hard water is one of the main enemies of hot tubs. In addition to leaving traces on the walls of the tub, it clogs the pipes. As it happens, running water is not well filtered, although it is distributed publicly. However, the hardness of the water has a negative impact on your domestic installations. The only way to fix this problem is to soften the water. Consider investing in a water softener, so your plumbing and all your appliances will be free from limescale. In fact, anti-tartar products are not even effective enough to treat lime deposits.

Bath products to avoid

The spa bath cannot be used with bath products such as shower gel, shower milk or bath oil. In short, we must ban all products that could scratch the device. On the other hand, maintenance should be carried out with a non-abrasive, non-solvent and micro-ball-free product, preferably cream. The cleaning products will be useful to you in the maintenance of your spa bath. By cleaning regularly, you can enjoy the benefits of balneotherapy in the long term. In any case, we recommend that you disinfect your machine every month, periodically with the chemical agent of your choice.

The cleaning products to use

You can find on the market, detergent products specially dedicated to cleaning your spa bath. Basically, cleaning involves adding 20cl of detergent to the tub, mixed with water. Then, just run the nozzle for 10 to 20 minutes, activating the jets system. Then, drain and rinse the tub.

It should be noted that the total emptying of the bathtub will be followed by the blower when the device starts up. Otherwise, to eradicate the limescale, apply 1 liter of white vinegar to the inside of the shell and run the system for 5 minutes. This solution is very effective in optimizing cleaning. Bleach can replace the specific detergent, but your best bet would be to alternate detergent and bleach every two weeks.