The portable jacuzzi is the most famous, popular and popular wellness equipment! Indeed, it can present some drawbacks, however, its advantages far outweigh. If you were thinking of getting one then come and visit, where you will find all the models available and their prices. What are the advantages of the portable spa? One of the great advantages of the drinking spa is its price. Indeed, it is the type of spa that is the cheapest on the market and is accessible to all budgets. The price to prepare for a spa for two to four people is around $4000. while for a spa of more than 10 people the prices are higher than $15,000. So if you were thinking about acquiring an inflatable spa, especially if it is not very large, you are not going to break the bank at all. In addition, the inflatable spa is easy to install, a few minutes is more than enough for its installation. You just need to inflate it, fill it and plug it in and voila! However, you need to find the right place to put the inflatable spa. Indeed, the floor must be level and strong enough to support the weight of the spa filled with the maximum number of occupants inside. And finally be sure to find a water inlet for filling and an electrical outlet nearby to supply the technical group. And what are the disadvantages? Many like the fact of being able to embed it so that it adapts easily to its environment but this is not feasible because in this case we can no longer have access to the integrated technical group. And finally, the so-called portable jacuzzi, in some cases is no longer portable, because if we take the weight of a 4-seater jacuzzi, it weighs 200 kilos, which implies an enormous weight to be transported.